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Kigali: Special Olympics: People with Intellectual Disabilities Are Going to Find Ways to Have Fun

On this Thursday, November 25, 2022, a meeting was held in Kigali that brought together various government agencies of Rwanda, UNICEF, UNESCO, the Director of the Special Olympics in Africa and the leaders of the Special Olympics Rwanda Association that speaks for people with disabilities.

It is a meeting that aims to advocate for people with mental disabilities through games, where they are asked to be given enough time and not be discriminated against as it is done together.

The meeting included Pastor Sangwa Deus who leads Special Olympics Rwanda, Charles Nyambe who leads Special Olympics in Africa, Dr. Ben Mpozembizi Aléxandre the coordinator in charge of projects and welfare in UNESCO-Rwanda, Muhamyangabo Jean Bosco who is in charge of projects in Special Olympics Rwanda and Murenzi Tristan who is already the Coordinator of Project, Rwanda Twifuza.

Among the topics discussed in this meeting is a reminder that People with Mental Disabilities are also capable and should be supported not only to be good to them but also to support them because there is something they can do. Actions to help people with mental disabilities are usually supported by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who did not attend the meeting.

Speaking to the media, Pastor Sangwa Deus, who heads the Special Olympics Rwanda Association, said that people with mental disabilities still have problems finding places to play, but that with cooperation with government agencies, this problem is going to be solved.

He said, “People with mental disabilities are among the people who do not have a place to play, but one of the solutions is that we have to help them to play where others play and not be alone. Another thing is that we have to support them so that they will participate in the competition at the World level, they will behave well.”

The director went on to say that the Unified Champion Schools program has produced good results since its inception. and that teachers are also understood and trained to teach that people with mental disabilities can play with those without. Currently, there are over 21,000 athletes with mental disabilities in Special Olympics Rwanda.

Special Olympics Africa’s Regional President and Managing Director, Mr. Charles Nyambe

After the World Games held in Abu Dhabi in 2019, hosted by Special Olympics Rwanda, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab States, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, agreed to grant $25 million over the years. four to help promote this sports program for people with mental disabilities in schools in six different countries around the world, including Rwanda.

The UCS program helps young people in schools to deal with discrimination against children and adults with mental disabilities and helps young people to do good things, especially where they meet in youth forums and discuss various topics aimed at combating discrimination against those with mental disabilities, mental retardation.

Unified Champion Schools will send all messages through sports, youth clubs (Clubs) located in schools and connecting schools that take special care of students with intellectual disabilities (intellectual disabilities special centers) and all other institutions provide a diverse education in general with the aim of promoting a culture of equality by valuing people with mental disabilities (Inclusive schools).

Among the recognized goals, Unified Champion Schools promotes in schools: fighting bullying and exclusion, fighting stereotypes and bad behavior, eliminating negative language used especially for people with disabilities in general and valuing all students (those with and without mental disabilities).

L-R: Pastor Deus SANGWA, SOR’s Chairman, Mr. Charles Nyambe, SOA’s Regional President and Managing Director, Mr. John Bosco MUHAMYANGABO, UCS Project Manager at SOR, Dr. Ben Alexandre MPOZEMBIZI, National project officer at UNESCO Rwanda, and Mr. Tristan MURENZI, the executive chairperson at Rwanda we want

The “Unified Champion Schools” project is currently being implemented in the city of Kigali in addition to the Eastern Province. North and West and 170 centers in the Southern Province.

The Special Olympics Rwanda organization recently donated sports equipment to 40 schools in the city of Kigali, in order to support and promote sports for people with mental disabilities.

Written by Mugenzi Napoleon

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