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Apostle Mignonne explained more about All Women Together which is going to be held in Kigali Convation Center

In the three days that will last, it is planned that it will be attended by more than 2500 women from all regions of Rwanda and abroad.

The show was attended by international evangelists including Pastor Jessica Kayanja from Uganda, Nigerian Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo and Kenyan Rev Kathy Kiuna.

Apostle Mignonne Kabera

The gathering ‘All women together’ is organised by Women Foundation Ministries, a church founded by Apostle Mignonne Kabera. He will lead it.

This year, women from all regions of Rwanda will participate in this gathering, along with those from the diaspora located in Women Foundation Ministries around the world.

Apostle Mignonne said that the main goal of Women Foundation Ministries is to build a woman-centred community, through spirituality through communion with God, heart and teaching.

This community provides a ‘complete message’ through the exchange of knowledge for the development of the community, following the line of the writer in Proverbs 17:17, which says, “As a knife sharpens, so does a man come to his neighbour.”

“All Women Together” is going to be held for the 10th time, it is usually a gathering for women and girls. Participants receive a variety of instructions.

Those who attend this meeting will hear constructive teachings aimed at daily development, how a woman can help a family to get out of poverty, projects that improve homes, fight family violence and more.

Apostle Mignonne said that this year “men and young men will be allowed to participate only on the fourth day which is also the last day of the gathering.”

He said that the reason why women are designated for most days is that this evangelical organization is built on the basis of women.

He continued, “There will be a time to give testimony because it is powerful, when someone tells where he has been, he also tells where he might be going.”

The doors of the meeting place will be opened at 9:00, lectures will be given from 17:00 to 3:00 in the evening.

Attendance at this event is free for registered users but requires a prior Covid-19 test and vaccination. Those attending the meeting were given a Covid-19 test at Kimihurura where Women Foundation Ministries works.

Director of Women Foundation Ministries, Apostle Mignonne Kabera, will lead the ‘All women together’ gathering

The participants of this gathering will be entertained by various artists led by Christina Shusho. He became famous with songs including “Mtetezi Wangu”, “Thamani Ya Wokovu”, “Wanifanya Ning’are”, “Wakuabudiwa”, “Nipe Macho” and others that won the hearts of many.

Singer Christina Shusho was invited to Kigali for a meeting where she will meet with famous female evangelists in the region and Africa.

Mugenzi Napoléon

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