Right or wrong? look at what a mother did to her daughter on her wedding which caused reactions

Most moms of brides are incredibly included in the entire cycle of her girl’s wedding day, while about not many others want to take a Back step and prefer not being too involved.

Be that as it may, regardless of which class a mother may falls into, there are some conventional obligations the ladies mum needs to deal with. One of such is helping in dressing the lady before the wedding

The mother of the lady help with dressing for the day. She helps the lady of the day to dress well and putt the shroud on the top of the bride. Its consistently such a sweet and an incredible moments for the bride and the mother. In any case, for a mother to kiss her grown up daughter on the lips is quite something new to me and some online media users.

There has been a trending image of a mother and girl, which has been making rounds on social media. The image shows a second where the mother lovingly kiss her little girl on her big day.

This image received tons of responses from users. Many are of the view that a mother isn’t assume to kiss her little girl tenderly. There are still other people who feel there is nothing amiss with what the ladies mother did.

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