Burundi: On May 24, 2015, demonstrations against Nkurunziza’s third term

Sunday April 26 remains an unforgettable date in the hearts of Burundians especially those living in the capital Bujumbura. Thousands of Burundians decide to take to the streets to say no to the illegal and irrigate third term.

These peaceful demonstrations will be repressed by the police in the pay of the government. Protesters are killed and others missing.

Journalist Jean Baptiste Bireha of Radio Bonesha Fm was wounded on May 23 by the police in the urban commune of Ngagara while talking to Zed Feruzi of the UPD party who died on the spot.

Alexis Nzeyimana a taxi driver very active in The demonstrations, recognized in the relief and distribution of the Water for Protesters saves the life of this journalist to bring him to the King Khaled Hospital

Located not far from the drama. Jean Baptiste Bireha will be evacuated to Kigali in hiding with the complicit

y of this taximan. Alexis Nzeyimana will quickly be pursued by the police who had identified the vehicle and the person who evacuated this journalist who survived the death of Zedi Feruzi.

Alexis Nzeyimana now lives in hiding to avoid the fate of some of the protesters killed or imprisoned.

Following this police barbarism in the pay of power the so-called protest districts are emptying because most of the inhabitants take the path of exile to neighboring countries.


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